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ARTEMIS was the Olympian goddess of hunting, the wilderness and wild animals. She was also a goddess of childbirth, and the protectress of the girl child up to the age of marriage--her twin brother Apollon was similarly the protector of the boy child. Together the two gods were also bringers of sudden death and disease--Artemis targetted women and girls, Apollon men and boys.

In ancient art Artemis was usually depicted as a girl or young maiden with a hunting bow and quiver of arrows.


Artemis' mother Leto was hounded throughout her pregnancy by the jealous goddess Hera but eventually found refuge on the floating island of Delos. There she gave birth to Artemis who assisted her mother as midwife with the birth of her younger twin-brother Apollon.

Kallisto (Callisto) was a handmaiden of the goddess who Zeus seduced by assuming her form. When Artemis discovered the girl was pregnant she transformed her into a bear and exiled her to the wilds. 

The handsome giant Orion was a companion of the goddess but her jealous brother Apollon tricked her into killing him with a distant bow-shot. In her grief Artemis placed him amongst the stars as the constellation Orion.

When the Aloadai (Aloadae) giants tried to storm Olympos, Artemis assumed the form of a doe and raced between them causing the pair to cast their spears, miss, and strike each other dead.

The hunter Aktaion (Actaeon) spied upon the goddess as she was bathing with her nymphs at a spring. Angered, she transformed him into a stag and had him torn apart by his own hounds.

The giant Kalydonian (Calydonian) Boar was sent by Artemis to ravage the lands of King Oineus as punishment for neglecting her in his sacrifices to the gods.

As the Greek fleet was preparing to sail for Troy, King Agamamnon offended Artemis and she becalmed the waters preventing their departure. To appease the goddess the king was forced to sacrifice his own daughter Iphigeneia, but she snatched the girl safely away from the altar and replaced her with a doe.

Artemis was a divine ally of the Trojans during the Trojan War. In a clash between the rival factions of gods she confronted Hera, but the Queen of the Gods tore the bow from her hands, beat her about the head, and sent her fleeing back to Olympos in tears.  


Artemis' most distinctive attributes were her bow and arrows but she was also sometimes equipped with a quiver, pair of hunting spears, torch, lyre, and/or water-jug.
The goddess was clothed in a knee-length girl's dress or a full-length woman's robe (chiton), with a cloak (chlamys, himation), headgear (a crown, tiara, headband, bonnet or animal-pelt cap), and occasionally the pelt of a deer draped across her shoulders. 


Artemis' sacred animal was the deer. She drove a chariot drawn by a pair of the beasts and was often depicted holding or hunting a deer or with a deer-skin cape draped over her shoulders. 
In myth the most celebrated of her sacred animals was the golden-horned Cerynitian Hind which Herakles was sent to fetch as one of his Twelve Labours. 
The bear was also sacred to Artemis as well as a variety of water- and ground-birds such as partridges, quails and guinea-fowl.
Her sacred plants were the cypress-tree and the palm-tree. 

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Set –


Set was not a easy one to depict as there is much speculation on the subject as to what animal Set was based on. The Set Animal is speculated to be a fish, mouse, hog, antelope, canine, giraffe, anteater and so on, manly due to the destruction of his temples and statues by the cult of Osiris and the Romans.

He was not well liked and would most likely be the Egyptian version of the devil, although personally I think He got a bad rap.


The huge speculation comes in due to the fact that the late dynasty images depict Him has having a rather elongated snout.

The reason I depicted Him as a Canine, or more specifically azawakh, is due to the pre- and early dynasty images that in my opinion looks very much like a canine. Whether or not in the 10 000 years + since the first images of Set were scribbled to modern times the specific animal has gone extinct no one would ever know, but the Egyptians depictions of all their other deities were of actual animals, and not a anamorphic mish mash, so we can assume that the Set animal did exist at some point.  

(… )

I choose the azawakh due to the similarities in body shape ( like a greyhound) to the early glyphs of Set, as well as the fact that it is a desert hunting dog originating from north Africa, the Sahara region. One can assume that the azawakh, before it was domesticated were fierce predators and survivalist in the harsh desert. Because of these characteristics and the overall body similarities and long face I choose the azawakh and Set’s representation.


Who was Set -

Set, also known as Seth and Suetekh, was the Egyptian god of war, chaos and storms, brother of Osiris, Isis, and Horus the Elder, uncle to Horus the Younger, and brother-husband to Nephthys. His other consort was the goddess Tawaret, a hippo-headed deity who presided over fertility and childbirth. He is one of the first five gods created by the union of Geb (earth) and Nut (sky) after the creation of the world. His name is usually translated as "instigator of confusion" and "destroyer" and he was associated with disorder, foreign lands and people, and the color red. He is sometimes depicted as a red-haired beast with a forked tail and cloven hooves or a shaggy red dog-like animal. His symbols were the griffin, hippopotamus, crocodile, and tortoise, but he was mainly associated with the serpent. Epithets for Set include "Lord of the Desert" and "Ruler of the South" as he was originally a god of Upper Egypt (the south) and the barren lands beyond Egypt's borders.


In the Early Dynastic Period of Egypt (c. 3150 - c. 2613 BCE) he was originally an important and friendly god of Upper Egypt whose name was invoked for love spells and inscribed on amulets which served as love charms. He was also the deity who saved the sun god Ra from the serpent Apophis, an evil creature who tried to stop the sun god's journey through the night sky toward dawn. Egyptologist Richard H. Wilkinson comments on this myth and Set's role as hero, writing, "It was said that each night Apophis hypnotized Ra and the entourage who sail with him except for the god Seth who resisted the serpent's deadly stare and repulsed him with the thrust of a great spear" (221). In doing so, Set assured that the sun would rise the next morning. Set was also seen as a benefactor who helped the people in life and provided for them after death, but by the time of the New Kingdom (1570-1069 BCE) he came to be best known as the first murderer, who killed his older brother Osiris to reign over the world and then tried to murder Osiris' son Horus.


To the Greeks, he was associated with Typhon, the god-monster who challenged the might of Zeus and was hurled into Tartarus. Precisely why Set's attributes and image changed from a hero-god to the enemy of order and justice is unknown, but by the time the Osiris myth became popular during the New Kingdom Set's transformation was complete. He was still invoked by common people and pharaohs for assistance, however, and his name is evident of that of rulers such as Seti I, Sethnakhte, and Seti II. Although his wife was his sister Nepthys, he was associated with foreign goddesses such as the warrior-goddess Anat from Ugarit in Syria, and Astarte, the Queen of Heaven, from Phoenicia. It is thought that he represented the dry and barren desert lands and distant territories outside of Egypt as contrasted with Osiris and Horus who symbolized the fertility of the Nile River Valley.




The first five gods of Egypt were born of the union of the brother and sister gods Geb (earth) and Nut (sky) after the creation of the world by Atum. Osiris was the first-born, then Isis, Set, Nephthys and Horus (known as Horus the Elder). As first-born, Osiris was elevated as ruler of the world which, to the Egyptians, meant the land of Egypt. Osiris found the newly-created people to be barbarous and uncivilized and so gave them culture, taught them agriculture, provided them with laws, and instructed them in the proper ways to worship the gods. Osiris took his sister Isis as his wife, and she bestowed on humans her gifts of compassion and equality for all. The world was a paradise where everyone, man and woman, was equal under the reign of the royal couple, food was abundant, and no one suffered any want.


Set grew jealous of Osiris' power and resented his success. His resentment grew more bitter after his wife Nephthys, attracted by Osiris' beauty, disguised herself as Isis and seduced the great king, becoming pregnant with the god Anubis. Set decided to remove his brother and had a magnificent casket created, the most beautiful chest ever made, tailored to Osiris' exact measurements. He threw a grand party, to which Osiris was invited, and after the banquet told the guests he had a special surprise. He revealed the chest and said that whoever could fit most perfectly inside could take it home. One by one the guests climbed into the casket but could not fit until Osiris' turn came. He lay down in the casket and found, of course, that it fit him perfectly. Set then slammed the lid on and threw the casket into the Nile River. In some versions of the story, Osiris is murdered by Set and 72 accomplices while in others he alone is responsible. A further variation is that sometimes Set is said to have murdered Osiris in the casket and then disposed of it while in other versions Osiris suffocates once he is thrown into the river or after the casket is encased by the tree at Byblos.


The casket with Osiris' body inside floated down the Nile and out to sea, finally coming to the shores of Byblos in Phoenicia, where it lodged in a tamarisk tree. The tree grew quickly around it, encasing it, and Osiris was lost to the people of Egypt. In time, the king and queen of Byblos came to the shore and noticed the beauty of the tree and its sweet scent and had it cut down and brought to their court as a central pillar. Back in Egypt, Set took the throne, and the harmonious balance which had been maintained by Osiris and Isis was lost. Set was a chaotic and unpredictable monarch who brought storms and drought and the people turned on each other in their efforts to survive.




Isis went in search of her missing husband and finally came to Byblos where she endeared herself to the king and queen and became nursemaid to their young sons. As usual when Isis walked among human beings, she was disguised as an elder woman and no one at court knew they were dealing with a goddess. Isis became fond of the younger son, Dictys, and tried to make him immortal by burning away his mortal qualities in a magical fire. One night, when the queen interrupted Isis at this work, she was horrified and screamed, startling Isis who threw off her disguise and revealed her true identity. The king and queen were terrified and promised her anything she wanted if she would only spare them. Isis asked for the tamarisk pillar, which they quickly gave her.


She freed Osiris from the tree and brought him back to Egypt, where she hid his body in the swampy marshes of the Nile Delta while she went off to gather herbs to revive him. Worried that Set might discover the body, she asked her sister Nephthys to keep watch. Set, in the meantime, heard that Osiris had returned to Egypt and went searching for him. He found Nephthys and tricked her into revealing where the body was hidden. Set then hacked the body into pieces and flung the parts all across the land and into the river. When Isis returned with her herbs, a tearful Nepthys told her what had happened, and together they went looking for the body parts to reassemble them.


Once Isis had put Osiris back together, she found he was incomplete. His penis had been eaten by the oxyrhyncus fish and could not be retrieved. Isis was still able to return her husband to life but, since Osiris was incomplete, he could no longer rule over the living and would have to descend to the underworld. Isis transformed herself into a kite (a falcon) and flew around his body, drawing his seed into her body and becoming pregnant with the god Horus (sometimes referred to as Horus the Younger). Osiris then went to the underworld where he became Lord of the Dead and the judge of souls.




An Egyptian manuscript from the 20th Dynasty (1190-1077 BCE) tells the much older story of the battle for control of the world between Horus, son of Osiris, and his uncle Set. The manuscript is the story of the legal battle before the gods over who is the rightful king of Egypt. Horus and Set both present their cases and then must prove themselves in a series of contests and battles which are all won by Horus who, in the end, is proclaimed king.


The Contendings of Horus and Set is only one version of what happened after Horus was born and Osiris descended to the underworld. Other myths describe how Isis hid her child from Set in the swamps of the Nile Delta as Set searched for the boy to murder him. The popular tale of Isis and the Seven Scorpions is set during this time and depicts Isis going out at night to local towns to beg for food for herself and her son. There are other stories and legends concerning Horus' youth and Isis' care for him, and when he had matured he challenged his uncle for the throne.


In some versions of the story, Horus battles Set, defeats him, and drives him from the land, while in others Set is killed. The Contendings of Horus and Set depicts these battles as contests ordered by the gods. The majority of the nine gods (known as the Ennead) presiding decided that Horus was the rightful king but Ra, the sun god was not convinced, and the decision had to be unanimous. Ra believed that Horus was too young and had led too sheltered a life to effectively rule while Set had proven himself a capable, if uneven, monarch. Even though Horus won every contest against his uncle, Ra would not be moved. This trial went on for over 80 years while the people of Egypt suffered under Set's chaotic reign.


Isis understood that she would have to intervene for the good of the people and so transformed herself into a young woman and sat down outside of Set's palace where he would have to pass by her. She cried and cried until her cheeks were red and streaked with tears when Set, walking by, saw her and asked what the matter was. She told him how a wicked man, her husband's own brother, had murdered him and taken his land and flocks, and how she and her son had been driven from their inheritance, and further how the evil man now even sought her son's life. Set was deeply moved by her story and became enraged. He swore that he himself would destroy the criminal and restore the land to the poor woman and her son. Isis then revealed herself and the presence of the listening gods. Ra was convinced at last that Horus should rule, and Set was driven from the Nile Valley to the desert wastelands.


Horus then became king of the world with Isis as his consort and ruled wisely as his father had before him. Order was restored to the land, and the equality of the people was renewed. The Nile River again overflowed its banks, sent by the mercy of Osiris, and the land became fertile again, and the crops were again abundant. Horus followed his father's example in all things and continued those practices of kingship and stewardship of the land which the mortal kings of Egypt would hold as their standards and incorporate as their values.


In another version of The Contendings of Horus and Set, the gods cannot come to agreement and consult the goddess Neith. Neith was very wise and often called on to mediate disputes between the gods. She suggested that Horus be given rule of Egypt and Set given free reign of the desert regions and foreign lands. Recognizing that no land could equal the splendor of Egypt, she also suggested the Ennead grant Set the foreign goddesses Anat and Astarte as consorts as a consolation. This version of the story may predate the tale of Isis resolving the contention as Neith was an ancient goddess, very popular in the Predynastic Period, whose attributes were later absorbed by Isis.




From the New Kingdom onward, Set was regarded as the villain according to the above myth (with different variations) but, as noted, was not always so. In the Early Dynastic Period, Peribsen, the sixth king of the Second Dynasty (c. 2890 - c. 2670 BCE) chose Set, rather than Horus, as his patron god. Osiris was seen as the first king but, following his death and resurrection, was no longer lord of the earth. Horus, as his rightful heir, held that title, and so Egyptian kings from the Early Dynastic Period onward, identified themselves with Horus and claimed the protection of Isis as representatives of her son on earth. When the pharaoh died, then he was identified with Osiris in the realm of the dead.

It is quite interesting, then, that Peribsen should have chosen to align himself with Set rather than Horus. Although the story of Set's murder of Osiris does not gain full momentum until later in history, Osiris' name and an early version of the story appears in the Fifth Dynasty (2498-2345 BCE) and it is thought this story is even older. Peribsen is the only king of the Early Dynastic Period to separate himself from Horus and align with Set, and although many theories have been proposed, none is completely satisfactory.


Since it is known that Set was originally a hero-god, it makes sense that a king would choose him as patron, but by the time of Peribsen, Horus was linked to the monarch, not Set. The second king of the Second Dynasty, Raneb, was the first ruler to link the monarchy of Egypt to the gods by associating his name with the sun god Ra, and Ra was associated with Horus. Ra was also associated with Set, however, as it was Set who, in early stories, protected Ra from Apophis when the god traveled the night skies. This story could have been so popular at the time that Peribsen's alignment with Set would pose no mystery, but this still does not explain the departure from identification with Horus.


Another theory is that Peribsen was the first monotheist in Egypt, predating Akhenaten by centuries, but this has been disproved by evidence of the worship of many gods during Peribsen's reign. The most likely theory, though by no means certain, is that Peribsen, of Upper Egypt, chose Set as his personal protector to distance himself from Horus who seems to have been identified with Lower Egypt at the time. All evidence of Peribsen's reign comes from Upper Egypt, and he is not mentioned in the inscriptions of Lower Egypt from the period. The Second Dynasty is among the more obscure, owing to a significant lack of records from the time and confusion among those which do exist. Peribsen is the only king to so clearly identify himself with Set until the 19th Dynasty under Seti I (1290-1279 BCE) and his son Ramesses II (1279-1213 BCE) who made Set a national god and honored him with a temple in the capital, the Sepermeru, where his wife Nephthys was also worshiped.




By the time of Ramesses II, the Osiris myth was well known and Set had been transformed from a god of love, protector, and hero into the villain who stood for everything the Egyptians feared and hated: disorder, chaos, waste, drought, famine, destruction, hunger, and foreign invasion/influence. He must still have had some resonant associations with his former role as a protector god for Ramesses II to have elevated him to such a degree, but the cult of Osiris and Isis was so widespread by this time it is difficult to understand how. Worship of Set and Horus had developed from the time of Peribsen so that, by Ramesses II's time, Horus was associated with Lower Egypt (the north) and Set with Upper Egypt (the south) and inscriptions of the crowning of the king would show both Set and Horus officiating at the regnal ceremony. In time, however, Set became so closely identified as the villainous murderer and usurper that he was replaced in these inscriptions by Thoth, god of writing and wisdom.


The enduring popularity of Set is most probably due to the Egyptian's appreciation of balance and harmony. The concept of ma'at (harmony) was integral to Egyptian values and featured even in their understanding of the afterlife where the heart of the deceased was weighed in the balance against the white feather of ma'at. Osiris, as god of fertility and life, required a counter in the form of Set as god of destruction and chaos. Even in this role, Set was considered sometimes beneficial as he voluntarily held back his desert forces of dry winds and drought from the fertile lands of Egypt. Prayers to Set for protection from, essentially, himself replaced the earlier amulets relating to love.


Set was worshiped primarily at his cult center in the city of Ombos from at least the Early Dynastic Period but had temples honoring him throughout the land. As with other gods, the priests of Set took care of his statue, which no one else could draw near to, in the inner sanctum of the temple and also were responsible for daily rituals and upkeep of the temple complex. People petitioning the god for help were only allowed in the outer courtyards of temples, never in the sanctuary, where they would leave their donations or make requests of the priests for help in their lives - which could range from anything from marital advice to counseling to medical or financial assistance and, of course, officiations at funerals, weddings, or festivals.


Like many aspects of the Osiris myth, Set was incorporated into the early mythology of Christianity as the devil (the serpent Apophis has also been suggested as contributing to this figure's development). Set's relationship to darkness and wickedness, as well as the color red and the popular image of him as a red-haired beast, all leant themselves to the iconography of the Christian Satan. Like Satan, he brought about the end of paradise and was cast out of the land of the gods for rebelling against harmonious rule. His association with deceit, cunning, war, destruction and close connection with the serpent also worked well in fashioning the Christian concept of the great supernatural deceiver of human beings, who swore eternal enmity with God. In the gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, Jesus is tempted by Satan in the desert (or, in Matthew, in "the wilderness"), and the earlier figure of Set was strongly associated with deserts and the unknown lands beyond Egypt's borders (see Matthew 4:1-11, Mark 1: 12-13, and Luke 4:1-13). Set continued to play the role he had been given by the Osiris myth in a whole new context and belief system: as the deceiver and adversary of human beings, responsible for their suffering in a world originally created as a paradise. 


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Storm Desert








Dog head…








Isis was the ancient Egyptian goddess of marriage, fertility, motherhood, magic and medicine. Many myths and legends exist about Isis in Egypt and Egyptian literature uses several names and titles for this goddess. Worship of Isis, her temples and her cult spread through Egypt and parts of Europe.

Isis' is The Goddess with a thousand names

Although this statement is an exaggeration, she does have many names Some of these are Aset, Aust, Eenohebis, Eset, Esu, Hesat, Iahu, Unt, Urethekau, and Werethekau. Isis was also associated with the other Egyptian goddesses, Sekhmet and Hathor. The Greeks worshiped Isis and they associated her with their goddesses; Persephone, Tethys and Athena.

Isis' most important roles were:

  • Her positions as the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus.
  • Isis’ role as a fertility goddess was also important and caused many women to worship her.
  • Her position as a goddess of magic: people would look to her and her cult for spells to solve problems. It is told that she managed to trick Ra into revealing his secret name to her and in doing so, Isis obtained many magical powers.
Isis' most important roles were:

Isis had a cult that spread throughout Egypt and parts of Europe. People worshiped Isis as the ideal, fertile mother. Women worshiped in her cult and, at times, were her primary worshipers. Another way Egyptians honored Isis was through the images and statues placed in her temples. She was part of a triad of deities along with Osiris and Horus.

Isis is often shown nursing Horus or the pharaoh. Some aspects of her as a mother might have influenced early Christian ideas about the Virgin Mary. People believed her priests could cure illness and they celebrated festivals for her and her four siblings. These took place on five successive days at the end of the year.

Important fact:
  • Isis was the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus.
  • In her role as an excellent mother, ancient women revered her.
  • Isis tricked Ra and took his position for Horus.
  • Her cult spread throughout the Roman and Greek Empires.
  • Isis tried hard to find Osiris and restore him to life regardless of obstacles.

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Micheal was standing across the street from the Diner where Monique was working. Hidden just out of sight in the shadows in the alley, he stood there staring at her through the window. A crisp breeze blew as he stuck one hand deeper into his coat pocket as the other held his cigarette firmly. He stood there, watching her as he had done so many nights before, from the shadows, in the dark. Cigarette pressed between his cold lips inhaling sharply, a subtle reminder of a life he had once known. An elderly woman passed him as he stood there, ‘Young man those will be the death of you,’ she scolded, as she walked on her way. A wicked smirk crossed his face. As he watched her walk away, he thought to himself, ’If only it would, if only it were that easy’. He brushed the thought away into the recesses of his mind, his attention focused on her once more. The fiery raven-haired waitress with the emerald eyes that somehow reminded him what it was to be alive. He had never stayed in one place to long, so as not to arouse suspicions. He had long since out stayed his welcome in this small town, but he could not leave just yet.

She had penetrated the crevasses of his mind and decided to move in. She filled his every waking thought, and he hungered for her. Being what he was, he had not been effected at this an emotional level for a long time, and he was perplexed but how and why she effected him so. He had been watching her from the shadows, ever since their chance encounter, by chance or perhaps by fate, two weeks ago. Their eyes met but for a moment, but in that moment it felt like an eternity. His senses immersed by her, her scent, her soft voice as she mumbled apologies for walking into him. Her warm skin beneath his frigid fingertips, as he reluctantly helped her up. Her flushed red cheeks and the beat of her heart ever quickening, embarrassed by her clumsiness. In that moment, she was an insect to him, but as they parted, he felt compelled to look back, and in that moment, their eyes met, she had him hooked.

Monique had recently moved to this small town, to run away from her past. A new beginning where no one would know her, or judge her for her attraction to dark. She lived alone had no friends other than the people she worked with. She preferred it that way and yet she felt alone, lost and empty, until that night. On her way home from a hard day at work, lost in her thoughts, she walked into this dark stranger in his trench coat, and got knocked off her feet. Embarrassed by her clumsiness she looked up at him, and got lost in his cold dark eyes. She felt her cheeks start to glow as her heart raced, her mind filled with illicit thoughts of him. There was a hunger in them, a need and yet a warmth. She got lost in them as she reached up to him and he helped her to her feet. He glared at her and kept on walking as she stood there looking at him walk away. ‘Please look back, look back…’, she said to herself, needing him to glance back. Elated that he did, her thoughts and dreams filled by him. She caught herself on more than one occasion feeling that he was watching her, but brushed it off to her imagination. But oh, how she longed to be rescued from her mundane existence. Even to such an extent that she had left her bedroom window open, in a hopes he would come to take her away.

Tonight would be the night, he thought to himself as he peered at her from a distance. He had studied his prey, like a meticulous predator for the past week, after failing to expel her from his mind. He knew her routine; her shift would be ending soon. She would finishing up soon and walk down to 10th avenue, six blocks away. To her two bedroom apartment on the third floor where she lived, alone. That is where he will silence the primal need infecting his being, his need for her.

As she left, she glanced across the street to where he was standing, as if by some 6th sense, sensing she was being watched. As she peered across the street into the shadows, she saw that there was no one there and let out a sigh of dismay. Suddenly goose bumps danced across her skin, she pulled her jacket tightly around her and walked into the breeze. On her way home, thoughts of the stranger, she had bumped a couple weeks ago were still fresh in her mind. The look in his eyes, his smell, and his frigid touch all still vivid in her mind.

Moving swiftly, as if made of the shadows themselves, Micheal was waiting for her. At her apartment, she had left her bedroom window open by accident, he grinned at the thought, how convenient this was. He waited quietly seated in the darkness of the living room. He listened to her walking up the stairs, as the fumbled with her keys and opened the door. Walking inside, deep in thought she double bolted the door behind her. As she reached for the door chain, he pounced, standing behind her, his breath in the nape of her neck. He reached out his hand cupping hers guiding the door chain into its place. Gasping at his touch, adrenaline coursing through her veins, she recognized his cold touch upon her skin.
There he was. There was no escape for her. He was binding her, his one hand on hers and the other firmly holding her hip. His dominant, firm, sleek, body pressed against her, holding her in place. He placed a sensually calming kiss in the nape of her neck, deeply inhaling her scent. He spun her around so that she faced him, her back pressed firmly against the door. Their eyes met, fear danced across her face but at the same time a longing. His sinister eyes glaring back at her, filled with an insatiable hunger. ‘How did you …’, escaped her mouth with a shivering exhale. Her voice was failing her as she looked into his eyes, and inside her, she felt the same sinister insatiable hunger stir. Those same eyes that had been filling her dreams every night since they met.

He peered into her eyes and his fangs extended as he let out a soft growl. ‘Little Monique, you have been haunting My thoughts, and now I am going to make you Mine’. With those words, he leaned forward and passionately kissed her. She attempted to resist but it vain. She was engulfed by his kiss, as his tongue penetrated her mouth, and danced within. It intoxicated her as her tongue met his and together their tongue danced to their own nefarious lustful tune.

Masterfully while intertwined in their kiss, his hands made short work of disrobing. Entranced by his unmerciful embrace. His cold lips upon hers, his lithe tongue exploring the crevices of her mouth. She did not even notice that she was now standing before him in nothing more than her underwear.

It was only after he pulled her firmly against him, she felt the evidence of his arousal prod her silky naked thigh. Gasping at his touch her skin became flushed like warm honey. His hands exploring her soft, curving flesh until they reached her beautifully formed voluptuous breasts. He gently cupped … squeezed and massaged them, still bound within her bra. She gasped for air, his lips still locked upon hers. Her damp, moist needy place awakening. Dampness between her legs spreading to her thong.

His nostril filled by the scent of her dampness, his ache intensified, as he freed her plump breasts from their confines. Her delectable erect nipples catching his attention. His lips now releasing her for the first time as she leaned forward in an attempt for more. Intoxicated by his kiss she pushed her hip forward into his engorged erection. He glanced up at her with a smirk as he captured her nipples between his lips.

Pinching the hard aching peaks with his fangs as him cupped her buttocks. He gently bites her breast; allow a thin trickle of blood to cascade down her brazenly exposed breast. Ravenously his lithe tongue glided over her flesh to meet the warm crimson fluid. A pink flush of arousal engulfed her body as she gasped with the brazen assault yet at the same time filled with a voracious yearning. Her breathing now quick and shallow. She moved his leg between her thighs, her delicate softness pressing hard against his thigh, dampening his pants.

The scent of moistness between her legs filled the room. It intoxicated him, her fearless brazen want towards him. He was not accustomed to it; fear is all he was ever met with. However, she was different. He let out another growl and pushed her legs apart. Pulling back her thong exposing her damp private satin flesh, while he continued to gently suckle her peaked rosebuds. Allowing his hands the space to slip between her thighs and explore her damp petal-soft folds of her womanhood.

She moaned soft arching her back and pushing herself towards him wanting more. His fingers exploring her womanly secrets, teasing her throbbing most sensitive spot. He could feel her dampen even more. Wanting him inside her, aching need and want flooding the air around them. She let out a gasping moan his teasing increasing her need and want she moaned softly,’ Please…’. Stroking his swollen manhood through his damp pants, tugging at it in an attempt to release it.

Looking up at her, he peered deeply into her eyes. He saw her yearning reflected back at him as she reached down and stroked his cock, hard and rigid in his pants. She looked into his eyes with longing, biting her lip as she fondled with his pants, their eyes never shifting from each other. He let out a low animalistic growl, grabbed a fist full of her hair, and kissed her hard, deep and passionately. Plunging his tongue deep into her mouth, his fangs piercing her bottom lip, letting out a trickle of blood.

The taste of blood upon her lips made him kiss her harder with more primal force, and she answered it with her own primal need. He loosened his pants, letting them fall to his feet allowing his throbbing manhood to escape. Grabbing her tightly by her firm buttocks, he slid his throbbing shaft between the damp petals of her womanhood. His lips moved from hers, down her neck leaving a trail of soft kisses back onto her heaving breasts. He sunk his fangs into her soft flesh and licked the blood with vigor and a ravenous hunger.
Her breath quickening, his teasing increasing her need and want she moaned softly,’ Please…’. He looked up at her, their eyes locked and with a smirk he replied,’ Please what lil girl’. With that, he continued nibbling on her quivering tips, moving between the two. Pushing her hips towards him she let out a moan once more with an deep yearning filling her voice,’ pleeeease…’. Looking up again from her flushed breast, blood trickling from his lips. He slipped his hand around her neck squeezing gently, as he peered deep into her emerald eyes. ‘Please what lil girl ?’, he growled once more as his grip tightened around her throat, his nails digging into her soft pale flesh.

Gasping for air, her heart racing and her gaze locked onto his,’ make me yours…, I want to be yours’. Micheal smirks and growls, barring his fangs he picks her up by her neck and effortlessly lays her on the bed. Grabbing her ankles and spreading her legs wide-open, moist entrance to her femininity exposed. His eyes fixed on hers, he impale her with his burgeoning erection. Hard and deep into her passion-moistened depths, and lets out a growl,’ MINE’. He plunges hard and deep into moist heart of her as lets out ragged gasp with pleasure. Just as she imagined, as it was like in her dreams. Lunging harder with decadent need, Michael growls loudly. He can feel her muscles tense, building up to her blinding, pulsing moment of release. ‘She is close, she will climax for Me soon’ he thought to himself. ‘Not just yet lil Monique, he growled. With that, he flips her onto her belly taking her from behind. Grabbing a fist full of raven hair pulling her up towards him, arching her back to penetrate her that little bit deeper.

Moaning softly, a desperate rhythm to her breathing. She can feel his cold swollen flesh deep inside her, her ache and longing, satisfied. Feeling her self about to explode into a thousand pieces, her tight, wet womanhood clenching around his rigid shaft as he plunges deep into her. She can no longer fight it. She surrenders to a frenzied explosion of exquisite sensation. She cries out with unabashed abandon as wave after wave of rapture overtake her. Her portals womanhood clenching hard around his throbbing swollen manhood. Deep inside her, stretching walls of her body, she screams with final shattering release.
He pulls her up towards him, his hand clenched around her neck. His pleasure building into fiery culmination. He thrusts one last time, flooding himself into her. He growls into her ear ’Mine’ and plunges his fangs into her neck drinking deeply of her, enjoying the sweet taste of her ecstasy.


Samael Anathan
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
South Africa
Current Residence: South Africa, Gauteng, East Rand
Favorite genre of music: anything with a beat
Favorite style of art: writing
Operating System: windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Samsung star - not just a phone
Favourite cartoon character: X-men - all of them
Inside a small dark room within the depths of some unknown Fortress, a small wooden bed sits in the corner, and a lowly figure lies sleeping, finally getting a release to just fade away into a dreamless sleep. A cold dark space with cobwebs littering the corners of the room and smelling of decay, insects scurrying across the floor, and gruesome black spiders the size of a small cat give chase that even the rats are fearful to tread within. Covering the walls other than filth and moisture are lines scratched into the rock walls as to serve as a calendar of sorts for the sleeping figure, so as to know how many days have passed within this dungeon deep within the dark cold earth. There are no windows to his cell no light save for a faint flicker on what looks like a crude desk, in the opposite corner of the room.

The figure stirs with a moan and groans and raises his head from its resting place. With great effort he brings himself to a seated position, now sitting on the wooden bed, starring as the cold steel bars that again he has awakened to. His eyes empty and void of all emotions like love, joy and happiness all that can be seen in them is empty cold despair. He leans over to the rock wall and finds a spot on it that has not yet been marked, and he scratches another line on the rock wall so hard that blood trickles from his finger tip. He sits there for another moment looking at his hands, torn, broken and scared, hands that once created such beauty now nothing more the grotesque shadow's of what they once were." Micheal, what has become of you", he mumbles to himself.  His raises his body to stand, with great effort and scuffles over to the crude desk to complete his task. On the table lay fragments of what once was his heart, now broken and shattered strewn across the table, is this dark prison. The pieces of what lay before him flicker with a faint light, a light which was once to strong as to inspire many people with his creations.

Within this darkness deep within, a dank dark space, the figure sits at a table, working feverously in the darkness, with the dim light assist his efforts. He looks around to see what can be seen in the darkness surrounding him, all he can see is the prison he has constructed, in which he now dwells, seeking an escape but unable to do so, until he completes his task. With trembling hands, whether from sorrow or cold, and eyes filled with tears, tasting their saltiness in his mouth, he tries and tries, but it is difficult to work alone with such a faint light, but in this prison of his own design in solitude and in darkness, he must continue if he is to succeed. If he is to smile once more, know what it is to laugh and love once more, he must continue. If he is to step into warm, embrace the light and life outside his prison again and find his freedom once more. The tool of his salvation is within his grasp, all he needs to the courage and faith to complete it, and use it for the task it was constructed for.

Suddenly from the stirring within the depths of the shadows beyond the confines of his cold cell, he sees a figure peering at him through the darkness. A gruff chuckle fills the dark space. "Do you think you can hide from me in here, Micheal? Haven't you learned anything yet?" a dark menacing figure, shrouded in shadows steps from the darkness, eyes glowing with a blood red glimmer, he steps arrogantly into the dim glow and grabs the cold steel bars of the man's self-made prison. His face pushed between the bars, with a crazed psychotic expression on his face, "Look at me you pathetic wretch, come look into my eyes, and see the truth, before you hurt yourself!"  His voice echoes thru the room as if said by countless voices filled with anger and rage. Micheal stands up, filled with dread and fear, trembling nervously, sulking to where the dark figure is standing and peers into his eyes. It is as if looking into a mirror, but the reflection is dark and twisted version of him. "You think hiding in here will protect you from me, I am you, I will find you where ever you hide, I am your other half, your stronger half. I was created by your darkest thoughts in order to protect you, and now you run and hide from me? That trinket you are trying so hard to piece together is what summoned me from the darkest depths of your soul. Your were weak and broken, you had given  your heart away to freely and now, nothing more than pieces of shattered glass in this dark hole" The Micheal looks down at his feet in shame, unable to hold the dark figures gaze. "You are sitting in here, with that meaningless little light of your broken heart, sitting here hiding from whom you have become, like the little bitch you are, as you try and hide from yourself? You truly think you are strong enough to overcome me?" with this, the dark figure grabs the Micheal's head through the bars and pulls him tightly into the bars.

"Look at me and understand. You know what I am, you know what I am capable of, you have watched from your hallowed prison as I wreaked havoc upon this world using your body as my own and still you believe you can possibly defeat me? You created me, you were not strong enough to face your demons alone, and thus I was born. I defeated your demons, hell I recruited your demons, made them my own pets using them to do my bidding and assumed control of your meek pathetic body, as you hide away from me, yourself in the dark corners of your pathetic mind. In our name, I made people fear us, we took our rightful place in the food chain as you hide, watching, whimpering. I am respected and feared, with more blood on my hands than most would admit and still this pathetic creature that created me thinks he can in anyway stop me." A loud menacing laugh filled the dark dank room, echoing once again of the cold moist walls." I have destroyed much more powerful than you, I have murdered, tortured, raped, abused and destroyed many more capable than you, and here you actually believe u can stop me?" spitting his words into Micheal's face, his vile breath filling his nostrils,  the dark figure pulls Micheal's face even harder against the bars distorting it, against the cold steel bars.

Micheal no longer trembling, face forced against the prison's bars and with the dark figures vile breath in his face looked him in the eyes, "I will triumph over you, as I no longer fear you. You are nothing. A mere shadow who has no power but in my mind, I may have stood by, watching you take control, but no longer. Your evil stops here!" and with those words Micheal, from behind his back pulls out a crude dagger, the one he has been furiously working on in secret, in the dank darkness, and forcefully slips the grasp of  darkness and moves beyond his reach." You thought I have been to piece together my heart, but through all these years I can see something that can never be had whole again, broken one too many times has turned into nothing but a pile of unfilled hopes and dreams, joys and loves never to be experienced. Oh no my friend you don't know me as well as you think, I have been working on my true salvation, your destruction." And now Micheal standing before his dark self,  that but a moment ago was nothing but a broken man,  now standing his ground, his eyes filled with something that resembles a slight glimmer of hope.

Laughter erupts in the dim light space, "And what are you going to do with that, kill me, you have no idea ....." The man defiantly interrupts the darks figures rant "Oh, but I do, you see, you gave me the answer, you and I and the same, two halves making a whole, one cannot exist without the other, so ....." and as Micheal says that he takes the musty dagger and plunges it into his own chest, glaring deeply into the red eyes of his dark self, " I die, you die ......and ….. With our…….death, release". The man and the dark figure fall to their knees, the smirk on his twisted face replaced by an expression of fear and shock. "You can't do this, you are not strong enough, I am your strength," and the dark self feels his strength, his power fading mutters, gasping for air, "You could have had power, great power beyond your dreams why ...,all you had to do is surrender to the darkness, to me" and collapses into a pile on the floor. The once powerful dark arrogant and menacing figure, now nothing more than a muttering broken creature, his wicked laugh no longer echoing, lying in a pile of pity on the dirty dank floor. Micheal, covered in blood, dagger deep in his chest, looks at what is left of the figure and mumbles with a faint smile on his face these last words." At what cost would I get such power though death, destruction and chaos, to high a price for me, I am not a monster like you, I may be a bastard," gasping for a breath to talk" but I am not a fucking monster........I will not lose myself, my true self …… by losing myself to you " gasping for air as he collapses onto the cold dirty floor. The two laying there, beside one another, separated only by the prison bars that now slowly fade away into nothing but a smoke like mist, dark and menacing on the one side and light and hopeful on the other. And as the dim light from a shattered heart fades into the shadows, the two clouds drift towards each other and become one and then fade into the darkness, into nothing.

Written By: The Fallen


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